Music — A Key Component Of A Successful Marketing Video

Pixigon was developed to enable young and growing businesses to create dynamic, persuasive marketing videos, regardless of their video-making expertise or budgets.

The Pixigon team strongly believes that every business, large or small, deserves to experience the transformative effect of an influential marketing video. That’s why Pixigon was designed to be so user-friendly and so cost-effective.

Pixigon enables you to easily choose and set the ideal background music for your marketing video

At the heart of a good marketing video is a clear, persuasive message — that’s what Pixigon concentrates on — but Pixigon also makes it incredibly easy to harness the extraordinary power of music.

Background music is one of the key tools you can use to amplify your message, set the tone of your brand, differentiate yourself from the competition, and influence the behaviour of a prospective customer.

The intelligent use of music can subtly act upon your target’s emotions and move them to buy

We’ve all experienced it: a well-chosen tune or jingle gets our attention and before we know it, we’ve bought something we didn’t know we needed or signed up for something we’d never considered before.

What Music is Right for Your Brand?

A jingle or tune can make or break a brand. Get it right and it’s possible to create an amalgam of music and message that puts your brand at the forefront of your target’s mind and makes you the first choice when they come to buy.

Get it wrong and you’ll turn people off with the first few bars. It’s a balancing act and a real skill, so Pixigon’s here to help.

Pixigon Helps You Match The Music To The Message

So, what music do you choose? The first question you have to ask is: is the music just there to support your message or is it the “hook” you hang the whole brand from?

In our experience, letting the music play a gentle supporting role is often the least risky and the most cost-effective way for start-ups and recently established businesses to get their message across.

This is where Pixigon excels and makes itself so useful for young companies

Pixigon makes it child’s play to choose the right background music to enhance and emphasise your brand message, without the need to pay expensive royalties or artists’ fees.

Of course, if you’re looking for a real “hook” you can either upload music you’ve created yourself or you could use something from one of the many online music services.

And if your budget allows, it is always possible to pay a professional to create something unique or pay an artist’s royalties to use something that is already well-known.

However, most young companies just don’t have the resources to follow this route. That’s where Pixigon comes in. It makes it easy to find, choose and set the right background music to the right message — and all at a price that won’t break the bank.

Music Categories

To make it easy to choose the most suitable track, Pixigon broadly categorises music into genres using Wikipedia's genre definitions

But Pixigon also subdivides music into three primary “feelings” or moods:

  • Happy - upbeat and uplifting
  • Easy - soft and ambient
  • Serious - calm and steady but with a little drama

Pixigon Lets You Experiment

A quick and inexpensive way to discover the best music for your video is to create a few different versions of your ad by simply varying the music. Pixigon makes this as simple as selecting music and clicking a button, allowing you to easily gauge the impact of your video and adjust it for optimum conversion with your target audience.

Try it out Sign up and create a video. We are here for you if you need any help.