Marketing videos for SaaS companies

Focus on what you want to say. Pixigon will generate engaging, animated videos for your landing page or YouTube Ads.

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Early bird offer. Includes every feature and unlimited edits for a whole year after purchase.

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Quick and easy

We will guide you through the process from start to finish. Use our intuitive tool to shape your message and visualize it with beautiful animations.

Your message in focus

We will help you make your message stand out and catch the attention of your audience. Use your choice of AI voice-over, or add your own.

Try before you buy

No credit card needed to get started. Pay only for production ready video when you want full HD or 4K resolution for use on your homepage or in YouTube ads

How does it work?

We built Pixigon to streamline the process of creating marketing videos for landing pages or use in Youtube ads. A perfect fit for a SaaS with a tight budget and schedule.

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Answer questions

We will ask you the right questions to nail you message.

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Colors, visual elements, voice-over...Intuitively exposed in the Studio.

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You pay only when you want to publish. One year of edits is included in the price.

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Download in full HD or 4K and publish on you homepage or on Youtube.

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The message

Your message is what makes you stand out in the competition. Pixigon helps you to sharpen that message and tailor it for video. In short Pixigon will:

Ask the right questions

Our step by step guide will gather all information needed to create a complete video.

Generate a script

Based on your answers Pixigon will create at script that is the basis of your video. Of course you can edit the script as you like and get instant feedback of the result.

Add bells and whistles

Visual elements and sound will be added automatically, making the video shine. Most elements are adjustable and you may even add or remove elements and sound.


Voice-over is an important component in a marketing video for landing pages and Youtube ads. Full support for voice-over is included in the price and it is an integral part of Pixigon.

Powered by AI

Choose from lots of different voices. Make sure the voice fits your preferences and message. Easily change voice and get direct feedback in the Studio.

Upload you own

Upload and add your own voice-over for an even more personal touch. Pixigon has full support for uploads and interchanging the AI-version with your own.