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Focus and strengthen your message, then let Pixigon generate engaging, animated videos for your landing page or YouTube Ads.

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*Early bird offer. Includes safe storage of generated videos for a whole year.

Your message. Pixigon. Done.

Quick and easy

You’ll be guided through the whole process from start to finish. Use our intuitive tool to craft your message and bring it to life with beautiful animations.

Your message in focus

Pixigon will make your video stand out from the crowd and grab your target market’s attention. Either choose a bespoke Pixigon AI voice-over or add your own. Simple!

Try before you buy

No credit card needed to get started. Pay for your completed video only when you’re ready to publish in full HD to your homepage or in YouTube Ads.

How does it work?

We built Pixigon to streamline the process of creating marketing videos for use on websites or YouTube. It’s the perfect fit for a small business on a tight budget and tight schedule.

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No fuss. Just enter your email and create a password. No credit card required.

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Follow the guide

Our intuitive step-by-step guide will lead you through the whole process of shaping and perfecting your message.

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Watch the preview

When you’ve finished using the guide, Pixigon will immediately generate a preview of your video.



Change colours, visual elements, voice-over style and more. Experiment and see the results in real-time.

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No credit card needed to get started. Pay for your completed video only when you’re ready to publish in full HD to your homepage or YouTube Ads.

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Download your production-quality video in full HD — it’ll be ready for immediate upload to your homepage or YouTube.

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Pixigon makes creating effective marketing videos child’s play

We’ve made it incredibly easy to change and evaluate different video styles, voice-overs, music, and colours. Just keep refining your video until you’ve nailed it! Here are a few examples to show what Pixigon can do and how easy it is to adjust your video:


Voice-over is a crucial component in any good marketing video. Full support for your voice-over is integral to Pixigon, and naturally, it’s all included in the price.

Powered by AI

Choose from a range of different languages and voices for your voice-over. Experiment to get the right fit for your brand and message. Change voices easily and get immediate feedback in the Studio.

Add the personal touch

Upload your own voice-over for a more personal feel to your video. Pixigon offers full support for uploads and allows you to easily swap an AI voice-over with your own.

Your message

Your unique message is what will make you stand out from the competition. Pixigon is designed to help you sharpen and distil that message, tailor it for video, and broadcast it to the world. To do this, Pixigon will:

Ask the right questions

Our step-by-step guide will gather all the information you need to create a complete video.

Generate a draft

Based on the answers you give it, Pixigon will intelligently create a draft that will become the basis of your video. Change content, colour, and style as you go, and get instant feedback on the results.

Add bells and whistles

Pixigon will make your video shine by adding nuanced and persuasive audio and visual elements. Nearly all the elements are fully adjustable, and you can add or remove them at will.