Advertise Your Business on Youtube with a Tailor-Made Pixigon Video

Pixigon enables you to create tailor-made, clear and persuasive marketing videos to promote your business.

The intuitive, DIY service guides you step-by-step through the whole process of crafting a video, allowing you to focus on distilling and communicating your message in the most effective way possible

Pixigon then packages, formats and optimises the video for use on YouTube Ads or a homepage.

YouTube is a tremendously powerful platform with which to engage and interact with the world, but as with all technology, it can take time to learn how to get the most from it.

In this short article, the Pixigon team has put together some tips, links to additional information, and a little hard-won advice on how to leverage YouTube Ads to your business’s best advantage.

Four steps with a Pixigon twist

The Pixigon team has been working with Google and Google advertising in various forms for over a decade, so we’ve learned a few things along the way.

One of the salient features of Google is that it is constantly making changes and improvements to its products, processes, services and UIs

In keeping abreast of the constant changes, we’ve found that the best way to keep up to date with Google is to go to Google itself, or to a well-established Google specialist.

Start a channel

Even if you’ve got no aspirations to be a career YouTuber, you still need a YouTube channel in order to create a YouTube video ad.

As a business owner, you’re going to want to create a Brand Account. This is for four main reasons:

  • Enhanced security
  • Team collaboration
  • Easier customisation
  • Access to analytics

It’s a simple process and for more information, please visit Google.

Create a video ad

Many young companies simply can’t afford the high production costs of an elaborate marketing video made by professional media companies.

Having been in the same position with our own start-ups, we know that it’s imperative to get the message out quickly and get the most ‘bang for your buck’

That’s why we created Pixigon. It gives small companies a simple, DIY tool with which to craft effective marketing videos and reach their target audience.

Pixigon packages your message in a marketing video that makes use of the best available practices for video-ad content on YouTube.

For example, in addition to creating video files in easily uploadable formats, Pixigon builds a bespoke video timeline that leverages the various presentation characteristics of YouTube ads to your advantage, meaning your video achieves the greatest impact for the least amount of money.

Set up a campaign

The process of setting up a YouTube video-ad campaign has changed over the years and we recommend consulting Google to get the most up-to-date information.

However, the principal drivers and constraints of an effective campaign remain the same: who should you target and what’s your budget?

Read more on YouTube

Measure you results

Measuring results and refining the message are key factors in building a successful ad campaign. Pixigon is designed to allow you to easily fine-tune your video message to the results you’re getting and adjust how and when your ads are played.

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Our take

The team behind Pixigon has a long history of successful do-it-yourself campaigns in support of our numerous other successful projects.

We’ve learned that DIY saves money — a crucial consideration for any young company — and importantly, the DIY process has also taught us how to become better buyers of professional help when help is needed.

Try it out Sign up and create a video. We are here for you if you need any help.