About Pixigon

Team with idea.

The Team

We are a small cross-functional team deeply rooted in coding. With an accumulated knowledge of 100+ years in different roles and industries we have a lot of experience but we still have a clear ambition to learn and improve.



The owner and creator of Pixigon is Mirendo AB, a software development company established in Sweden 2011. Mirendo has successfully created and established the services Ă…rsredovisning Online and Utdelning Online. One key marketing effort examined and used was video marketing. During the process it was identified that there could be a business opportunity. To create a service that would have been a perfect fit for Mirendo. A do-it-yourself-service that makes it easy and affordable to get into video marketing.

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Our mission is to make Pixigon a pleasure to use and the perfect fit for the small business. We target a business with limited time and budget but an ambition to expand its market using video marketing.

Try it out Sign up and create a video. We are here for you if you need any help.